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Library Services

Lending ServiceAll Library members (Students, teachers, and non-teaching staff) may borrow book(s) from the Library through open access system.

Reading room:  Student can take maximum 2 books at a time for reading through their Library card. There is also a separate reading room for the teachers in the Library. 

Sitting Capacity: For student - 50 person.
                               For teachers- 15 person.

Internet: We have also internet facilities. Members of the Library may use the computer for browsing the world-wide information in his/her specific topic through e-learning center.

OPAC:  We have already introduced Online Public Access Cataloguing system for the sake of users.

e-Resource service-We provide open educational e-resources through our website, via mail and/or through WhatsApp.

CD-Rom services: A member can take a CD of the specific subject for a day with permission to the Library staff.

Reference service: This type of service is given to the members throughout the Library hours.

Referral service: We also provide referral service to the members of the Library.

Newspaper clippings: We also maintain a separate register of newspaper clippings for the current and future benefit for the members especially for the students.

New arrivals: A separate notice board is arranged for displaying the information about the new arrivals of the Library.


Reprography Service


Library Extension Activities:

Orientation Program: Library organizes orientation programs for the 1st year students to create awarenessabout library sources and services.
Book ExhibitionLibrary organizes book exhibitions to help the teachers/ students to explore and select books from the same.

 Carrier Guidance Related Document Service

 Repository: We maintain a repository of current as well as previous Question Papers of University and College both for the sake of student and teacher both.

Other Services

  • We preserve newspapers for one year.
  • We preserve back volumes of journals.
  • We have a local history collection mainly on Purulia and Manbhum .
  • We have newspaper clippings Register, where we maintain the news published in newspapers on Nistarini College.


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